Subtle Differences, is there significance?

Greetings all,
I have a weird problem I could use some advice on..

Scenario: We are revamping a public health label in hopes that it will help attract more attention and reduce illnesses. We have designed 25 new versions of the label that vary visual design elements (font, border weighting, border type, placement of icons, etc..) to determine which labels are most salient to consumers. Label salience (i.e., participant degree of attention to the label) will be assessed using a limited-time exposure approach with cued recall questions. We have enough statistical power and our N is large enough.

We originally intended to analyze the differences using an ANOVA and then rank the labels based on "significance". We would then move the top 5 most "significant" labels onto the next phase of the experiment.

Differences between these labels will not be huge because we're only varying minor design elements. Now we're stuck though because we're left thinking, what does significance here actually mean?

Anyone have any ideas on either a test to better identify the differences, or another way to handle this?
Our goal is to just find 3-5 of the labels that attract the most attention out of 25 very barely different labels.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions! It's keeping everyone awake at night as we plan for this study.