Results from 5x2 factorial design with conjoint analysis



I want to get results from a 5x2 factorial design which was created by using a conjoint analysis in SPSS.

I have two independent variables (good and bad by example) and two dependent variables. My dependent variables are different items from a retail shop, e.g. fruits, shelf, light, and so on.

This would have been resulted in 32 potential possibilities to investigate. A conjoint analysis reduced this number to 8. (used an orthogonal plan with ORTHOPLAN procedure by SPSS).

I created a 8 different Images (each with these 10 different variables) and showed them to my participants. They answered my questionnaire and I got my results.

My big problem is that I am stucked at getting results from this.

For example: I want to show, that a 'good' shelf raises the purchase intention of a customer more than a 'bad' shelf

Do you get what I mean? I already did a factorial design with 2 factors. But this time it is more complicated. A 2x2-factorial design can be found in this master thesis (not me:, but I got no example of a 5x2 factorial design with a conjoint analysis