Need help for choosing a right CPU for STATA.

First of all, I am new here so i really don't know where to ask this.

I want to buy a new processor to run stata code but i am stuck with 2 processors and I am not sure which one to choose. I have read here& here. They have recommended a processor with multy threading and some other technical staff which I don't understand. I have Intel Core i9-7900X & Core i9-7980XE. I am really confused about choosing.

Intel Core i9-7900X have
        Cores        10
        Threads        20
        Clock Speed    3.30 GHz

Intel Core i9-7980XE have
        Cores        18
        Threads        36
        Clock Speed    2.60 GHz

I know that Clock Speed and Core Count are a factor to consider but one of this processor have low clock speed with multiple core, another one have higher clock speed with low core. Which one should I choose for maximum performance.

Also, I have read that Floting Point Unit - FPU is intregated with each single core but i haven't found anything that can prove that it actually have this FPU.

From few days web surfing, i have learnt that, multiple core actually matters when i am running paraller code. Then and only then my cpu can use all available core. Is this true?

Please help me to choose because i am very poor at this technical staff and I want it asap. But can't decide. One CPUcost around $900 on the other hand another one cost $1900. If expensive one gives me more performance then I want to know why.

I am sorry again if i have posted it in a wrong section.

Thank You
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