How to tell if a quiz or test was a poorly or well written quiz or test.



I am an old statistics student from awhile back and I have recently gotten into a discussion with a coworker over something that statistics could solve and I wanted to make sure I had the whole picture.

We are discussing what makes a good quiz and what makes a bad quiz. From what I remember statistically if your quiz more or less fits a bell curve it was a well thought out and written quiz where as if its skewed right or left drastically it might indicate it was too easy or too hard or had unfair or misleading questions.

Is this the right idea or am I forgetting some important aspect or is this too generalized? I seem to remember my professor going over some analysis in the classroom that could be used to determine if a quiz or test was good or not, like some analysis we could do with the scores.

Also on a related note when would you throw a question out? Like if a certain large percent of students got the question wrong?

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can help settle our debate.