Help for Statistica software 7.0 - experimental design



Dear all,

I have trouble with Statistica Software 7.0. I have imput data and output data ANOVA table from the book, which is done in some another software. It is ANOVA table from Experimental design book. My task is to reproduce the same analysys in Statistica software. I don t know what to do in Statistica software, to have the same results. I click on Analyse, Factorial Anova, use "result" variable as dependent, "temperature" and "pressure" variable as independent, click on all efects but I have different results than the one in the book are.

Please for help, how to reproduce to get the same results.

I cited the book here:
The impurity present in a chemical product is affected by 2 factors - pressure and temperature. The data from a single replicate of a factorial experiment are shown in table in attach (input data)
The test statistics for nonadditivity is 0,36, so we conclude that there is no evidence of interaction of these data. The main effects of temperature and pressure are significant.
In fact, the Tuckey single-degree-of-freedom test for nonadditivity can be directly applied to test for interaction in the randomized block model.

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