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For my lab assignment, I was to determine the effects of temperature on the swim speed of brine shrimp. I did ten trials for each temperature and counted how many time the arm flaps of the brine shrimp moved within a time span of 30 seconds for each trial. Here is my data.

10 Deg C: 53 68 72 72 73 73 74 76 72 75
21 Deg C: 63 67 84 83 98 85 87 90 84 86
30 Deg C: 112 113 108 117 112 118 124 118 120 127

I was told that i must do a Chi square test, but when i did I got a completely inaccurate answer. My questions are. how am i to perform a chi square test using this data? how do i find the expected value? Do I have to perform multiple chi tests for each variable? I'm not looking for someone else to do it for me, just looking for some guidance. any help will be appreciated.

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I am new in this kind, but there is need of expected values for chi test, plus i think the variable is only one (T), so this is my prop

If the expected values would be given by the expression:

(x-10) (x-10)^2 / (x*2!) + (x-10)^3 / (x*3!) + 70

f(x=10) = 70 (or 0+70)
f(x=20) = 76.33
f(x=30) = 108.44

only for the range 10 to 30

I did the Chi test with 0.05 and 28 (41.33)
(oi-ei)^2 / ei = 33.025
the ei s were given by the f(x) from above

I still have my doubts if that is correct

the degrees are now 2 (#values) and max 19 (range), that gives 5.99 and 30.14, but the last still needs more data
the sum of the expected is 29.99 (not 33.025)
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