Biostatistics Graduage certificates...worth it?



Hello everyone

glad to be on this forum. I am masters student, currently studying health sciences. Although the program's name is health sciences, most of my graduate training and courses have been in epidemiology, multivariate and univariate statistics and over the years I have become interested in research design and biostatistics.

I have been a self-learner and have learned SAS and SPSS along with other techniques on my own (although learn is a broad word, i would say above average familiarity to be modest).

Given that my program is health sciences, I have been pondering the idea of applying for a graduate certificate in biostatistics (from a university) - to learn more and have a credential to back my knowledge.

I enjoy statistics a lot (it is like solving a puzzle for me) and see myself doing it as a career.

Given that my degree's name is health sciences, do you see it as a disadvantage in looking for biostatistics as a career? Most my courses are in epi, stats, research design.

Warm regards and thank you for your advice


significance of statistics

Can anyone provide a successful example of the aplication of statistic
analysis methods in biology?