statistical significance

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    Not statistically significantly different... so what?

    Hello, Context: In a biomedical context, I would like to prove that my data are "similar" to other results (which I call "reference data"). All what I know from the reference data: - mean: 79% - sample size: 12 My own data: - mean: 71% - sample size: 6 - sd: 13.6 My data are...
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    Type of Analysis and G Power

    Hello, What would be the best analysis to use to determine the relationship between parental support and mental health outcomes in later life among gay, lesbian and bisexual people? I plan to one assessment that determines stage of sexual identity development, one that measures parental support...
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    p values for groups

    I have a a dataset that has already been organised into groups or clusters, however, no formal clustering has been carried out. I have been asked to describe the clusters that they have been put into and to determine whether or not there are any clusters there, so to give a p value to describe...
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    Mann Whitney U test using GraphPad prism 6 interpretation

    I have analyzed two biological sample (Soil 1 and Soil 2) by Mann-Whitney U test using GraphPad Prism 6 software. I got following result Table Analyzed One-way ANOVA data Column B Soil 2 vs. vs. Column A Soil 1 Mann Whitney test P value < 0.0001 Exact or approximate P value...
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    Testing of sensitivity

    Dear All, I have some queries I would like to discuss, I am doing some analysis for sensitivity. I am not from the field of statistics. I work with RNA-Seq data. The thing is I have found some genes which are differentially expressed by 4 different methods. Out of which one of the method is...
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    How do I prove my results are statistically significant or not?

    Sorry in advance, I'm a complete statistics novice! I'm doing my dissertation and have a three chemical samples which were prepared in exactly the same way, and when tested have given different results. How would I statistically compare these? I was told by somebody to divide the average by...
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    Statistical Significance of a learning Model

    I built a learning model (for classification) based on a Random Forest classifier and i am asked to assess the statistical significance of its performances. Up to now, i trained and tested it on two different datasets A and B, respectively. What kind of test can i use?