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    SAS Certification - Is it worth it?

    I am currently enrolled in a 4-year program majoring in mathematics with minors in both economics and statistics. I am on schedule to graduate Spring 2017 and was wondering how valuable having SAS certifications (advanced programmer and possible beyond) will help in landing a job upon graduation.
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    Proc ARIMA Interpretation

    Hello all. I'm new to Proc ARIMA and could use some advice. (I'm using SAS, by the way.) My question is not about how to set up an ARIMA test, and it's not even really about how to decide what autocorrelation model best fits my data. My question is, how do I include the autocorrelation model...
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    Power Analysis and Sample Size determination help!

    Hi all! I am new here so I hope my post is appropriate! I have searched the web and this forum and haven't been able to figure out how exactly I need to perform a power analysis for sample size determination (although I admit I didn't scroll through ALL of the results to my search on this...
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    What information can I get from reading those charts?

    I use probplot with lognormal and exponential options to create both of the plots, but after I get the plots I don't really know what information I can get from the plots. :confused: What do these plots tell me? Does anyone can give me some instructions on this? Big Big thanks!! ;)
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    Cluster analysis and Distribution

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a statistics program that can do both cluster analysis and show its distribution with a decent looking output for presentation. For example, I currently use SAS to run the model, and excel to clean up the output. The sample of the cluster output from excel is...