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    Exponential expansion

    I've got a cell line with a gene that gets bigger exponentially. I cultured the cells from 16/1/17 for 295 days and the gene expanded exponentially. For the second culture, cells from culture 1 frozen on 22/5/17 (d127), were thawed on 2/1/18 and cultured for 196 days. For the third culture...
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    Master's Thesis, Advice on Analysis. Regression

    Dear all, For my Master’s thesis, I have some difficulties with the statistical part of my research. I want to analyze the relationship between two variables: Investment in Innovation (R&D) --> Concentration Ratio 1. Research & Development (R&D) Investments in an industry 2. Concentration...
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    Error of the Intercept with 2 Idependent Variables

    I'm building a multiple regression model from scratch in Excel with 2 independent variables (IVs). I'm cross-checking the results with the Excel Analysis Toolpak. Thanks mostly to 2IV Regression instructions posted at a U. of S. Florida website, I have successfully duplicated the Toolpak...
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    Removing effects from related time series on output time series

    Hi all. I’m not an expert in stats so hopefully this is explained clearly I have two time series, “output” timeseries and “factor A” timeseries. These are correlated with an r-squared of 0.4. I want to create a new timeseries which removes the impact of “factor A” on “output” Can I do this...
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    New free android application for common statistical analyses

    AnalyStat is a free android app that may help u quickly analyse your experiment results.
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    How to run AIC and Logit on Panel Data?

    I've data for 10 banks over a period of last 10 years. I've financial ratios for each bank corresponding to each financial year. There are 20 such ratios. I would like to run AIC on these ratios to find 7 or 8 most significant ratios and then run binary logit on the panel data of these...
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    Predictive Statistics in Sports

    Applied machine learning approach to NFL prediction, pretty neat:
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    Interval regression. The order of putting in dummy variables?!

    Hi, I'm doing a project, where I have to get a point from interval-like observation. The dependent variable is interval, but predictors are mostly categorical variables. So my question is: is there a special order in which I have to put in the regressors in regression? The problem is that...
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    Difference between multiple regression and single regression

    Hi all, I recently started working with statistics and I really don't understand this. When we do multiple regression with say two X variables, then we report the results of that regression as "variable X1 has so and so affect on the Y variable keeping variable X2 constant or controlling...
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    Dear all, I am doing an OLS regression. My dependent variable is FDI outlows which means I have very large negative values, many zeros and very large positive values. My question is, how can I perform a log from this data since log from negative values is not possible?
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    Multiple curvilinear regression

    I am debugging an app for computing multiple curvilinear regressions. For a 3 independent variable dataset I get: Multiple CurviLinear regression with 3 independent variables. b(0) = 1.688900 b(1) = 0.064410 b(2) = -0.076958 b(3) = 0.041066 b(4) = 0.000000 b(5) = -0.000000 b(6) =...
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    Help with a Poisson Regression Equation

    I have attached an image of an equation of Poisson Regression that i am working on. I want to understand it a bit as i am new to stats. can anyone tell me whats that Capital 'T' symbol in power of w1 and w2 means? And can anyone guide me to coding this equation in Matlab? Thanks in advance...
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    Analyzing Repeated Measures from Continuous Predictors

    Calling all stats-fiends, and other quantitative thinkers - I have the following design: -A dependent variable (self-report measure) administered at 3 time points- -A set of continuous predictors- I need to predict change in dependent measure score between time points (i.e., between...
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    Hi guys!!! I am stuck and urgently need some advice!! My thesis submition is on Feb 18th and i started today with the regression analysis. I am analyzing if there is a relationship between firm characteristics, e.g Curretn ratio, RoA etc, and the shares funds hold in the respective...
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    Correct Procedure for analysis of Drivers

    Hello, I have some survey data which shows an effort score for interacting with a business. I am working in a programme of work tasked to reduce that effort. I want to understand (from what's available in the survey data set) what are the drivers of that effort score. This will help us...
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    What is the “pdm” stat in the “rms” R package?

    I am new to the world of Regression in statistics and I have been doing a research in which I am building an ordinal logistic regression model (ORM). In order to fit my ORM model, I am using the 'orm' function of the 'rms' package from R (
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    Permanova + T-test

    Hello, I have a question regarding the data analysis listed below. I am trying to run a similar study but I can't truly understand why a PERMANOVA was used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In my study, I am comparing prey species composition, abundance, pecking rate, and swimming...
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    Outliers in multiple regression

    Hi Dear experts, I have 2 questions. Really hope you can give me short responses. Would be very nice. I have fitted a multiple linear regression. The diagnostics plots of my multiple linear regression look reasonable. All the assumptions (homoscedasticity, normality of the errors terms)...
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    Positive correlations to dependent variable, but negative coefficients

    First of all, sorry for the huge pictures, but I'm in desperate need of some input and help on the results following a study. I'm trying to interpret the results from my study, but I can't quite figure out what causes some of the positive correlations to turn into negative coefficients in the...
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    CART Using Rattle in R

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me with an explanation of a Regression Tree I have created using the Rattle portion of R. I have attached one example which looks at how stomach weight is influenced. Obviously it is clear that standard length is the main explanatory variable. I...