regression analysis

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    Regression analysis to evaluate best model

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have two models for predicting the age of a person based upon their first name (Name & estimated age) and I need to evaluate which of the two Is 'most accurate' / closest to the ages or (average age by name) of the same name in my...
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    Linear regression

    Hi, I have fit 100000 linear models, M ~ age + age^2, where M is a frequency. I found 5,000 models were significant, but would like to narrow it down to find the most ‘extreme’ cases. Is this possible? Does anyone have any suggestions or any references that may help?
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    Master's Thesis, Advice on Analysis. Regression

    Dear all, For my Master’s thesis, I have some difficulties with the statistical part of my research. I want to analyze the relationship between two variables: Investment in Innovation (R&D) --> Concentration Ratio 1. Research & Development (R&D) Investments in an industry 2. Concentration...
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    Help analyzing test case using spss statistics (SEM?)

    currently i'm learning statistics with spss. I have a test case where i need to analyze using regression linear method, i'm not sure if i can explain the problem clearly so please refer to the picture. I ask in other place and they said it's SEM, i read up a bit on SEM and it seems i can only do...
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    Reporting a significant interaction

    I am struggling on how to report a significant categorical x continuous interaction, which I found using a negative binomial regression. I have posted the output from STATA below. So far, I have said something along the lines of, "there was a significant lang2 by emotdys3 interaction term at...
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    Compare correlation coefficients is Trivial?

    Hi everyone, my problem is relatively simple, but trivial. I've already read some topics about that, but I really need straightforward answers and/or opinions. I have data divided by one fixed effect (Emotion, with 2 levels: negative and neutral), and I have a covariate (reaction time) for...
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    Statistical Forecasting Inquiry

    Im trying to perform some time series analysis on 2015 and 2016 monthly recorded data to see what method is best for forecasting 2016 monthly values for the remainder of the year. The data has an annual cycle and I already have values for the first 9 months out of 2016. Using Winter's method, I...
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    examine effect of independent var on dependent var

    Hi, 1. I want to examine the effect of still images (independent var) with two levels (monochromatic and multi-color) on mood perception (dependent var) of participants. What is the appropriate analysis I must conduct in this case? 2. Furthermore, I conduct a regression analysis to examine...
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    several DVs --> which Test to use

    Hi Statistic-Community, I have a Data Sample where an individual is given the same 3 options. All three options can be chosen as well as none. Any combination of Individual-chosen Option is considered a success. Now I want to detect which of the three options is significantly selected...
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    Regression analysis vs. analysis of variance (anova)

    Can someone tell me the difference between ANOVA and regression analysis? In which situations is it better to use regression analysis instead of ANOVA? What are the advantages of using regression analysis? Thank you! :D
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    Hi guys!!! I am stuck and urgently need some advice!! My thesis submition is on Feb 18th and i started today with the regression analysis. I am analyzing if there is a relationship between firm characteristics, e.g Curretn ratio, RoA etc, and the shares funds hold in the respective...
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    How to determine # data points for prediction of exponential curve?

    Dear Statisticians I have done some experiments, with continuously data acquisition, on shrinkage measurements over time. My data shows exponential regression curves. Based on the data I want to estimate how many data points and at what time the data should be gathered, to obtain a certainty...