pre-post tests

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    What test to use?

    Hey guys. first of all it is a theoretical project, so no animals or something were hurt. So we have 6 rats. At the beginning we measure the pain-threshold as a baseline. After that the rats receive a chronic injury and a electrode in implanted in a certain brain area. Now we have three...
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    Comparing several means pre and post intervention - MANOVA?

    Hi, I am looking to analyse some data I have collected for a piece of research. I wanted to evaluate the impact of a Mindfulness intervention upon the participants ability to be Mindful, as well as their levels of depression, anxiety and stress. My directional hypotheses were that the...
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    Help with McNemar's test ?

    I have Pre and post-intervention test scores of a number of skills rated from 0-3 (0 = Poor, 1 = Fair, 2 = Average, 3 = Good) for 5 participants. I am trying to use McNemar's test for each skill to test for change and would greatly appreciate some help. I am unclear about whether - 1) I can...