multilevel models

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    Explanation of Random Intercept and Slope in Longitudinal Research

    Could you explain the concepts of random intercept and random slope in terms of longitudinal research?
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    multilevel model for my repeated measures predictor

    I have a situation where I wanted to use multiple regression to see how 3 predictor variables and predicted an outcome. However, I have two conditions in my experiment, which all participants undergo (a repeated measure). Therefore, I understand that I should use multilevel modelling as this...
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    Comparing Model Fit between Subsets of Data

    When using multilevel models based on maximum likelihoods, one can use either deviance statistics (e.g., -2LLs) for nested models or information criteria (e.g., Bayesian Information Criterion, BIC) for non-nested models to test which of two models better fit the data--as long as the models are...
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    Multilevel modeling - dependent variable is not normally distributed

    Hello everybody, I am doing the research, using Multilevel linear modeling (MLM), with dependent variable number of days of payment delays, which is not normally distributed. Is that a problem for MLM? Is it necessary for Y to be normally distributed? I have done a winsorisation- have limited...
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    HLM deviance and estimated parameters

    Hi, I am using HLM version 7 software running multinomial models and my output does not contain the usual " Statistics for current covariance components model " summary information, including the deviance and number of estimated parameters. 1. Are others aware of a way to change the output...