linear model

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    Estimate the difference between intercepts and slopes among multiple cross-sectional data collected at different time points

    I am trying to do some analysis using 3 DHS dataset and check if there are differences between both intercept and slope at different survey rounds. What kind of modelling do I have to use? References to resources will also be highly helpful as I will be reading around this stuff. Thanks in advance!!
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    Linear mixed-effects model - How to compare absolute values of interaction slopes

    Hello I have built a linear mixed effect model in order to compare repeated measures (corresponding to 2 successive experimental conditions) in 2 different groups. According to this model, my outcome was significantly predicted by the group, the condition and the group x condition...
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    Maximum likelihood estimator in linear model

    Consider two simple linear models. y_{1j}=\alpha _1+\beta_{1}x_{1j}+\epsilon_{1j} [\math] and y_{2j}=\alpha _2+\beta_{2}x_{2j}+\epsilon_{2j} , j=1,2,...,n>2 where \epsilon_{ij}~N(0,\sigma^2) I have two questions. Obtain the maximum likelihood estimators of sigma^2...
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    R linear model on big table

    Hi all! I have a big table and want to run a linear regression (or other linear model) in R, but not sure how to do that.... this is a very short view of what I have (actually I have got about 5000 sample) Latitude sample48109_1 sample48326_1 sample48827_1 59.8 21 29 129 59.8 18 23 32...
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    R-squared distribution

    Suppose I have a simple situation where there is one quantitative explanatory variable and one quantitative dependent variable. If I construct a linear regression for each of a set of samples, what would characterize the distribution of the r-squares of my lm's?