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    Explanation of Random Intercept and Slope in Longitudinal Research

    Could you explain the concepts of random intercept and random slope in terms of longitudinal research?
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    Need to Dummy Code

    D I need to recode (dummy code) the variable "sex" in SPSS prior to running a point-serial correlation and a hierarchical regression? The values I currently have are female =1 and male = 2. I did not recode these or do anything special to them prior to running my analyses but now I'm concerned...
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    HLM deviance and estimated parameters

    Hi, I am using HLM version 7 software running multinomial models and my output does not contain the usual " Statistics for current covariance components model " summary information, including the deviance and number of estimated parameters. 1. Are others aware of a way to change the output...
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    code of agglomerative clustering method

    hi, can I find code in matlab of agglomerative clustering method? thanks