fixed effects

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    Which test is the most convincing?

    Brief background: I’m examining mediation rates in China (a form of dispute resolution). I have a panel dataset with N=24 provinces and T=30 years (1985-2014). For each province-year, I observe mediation rates and host of economic/demographic information. Anecdotal reports suggest that in 2006...
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    Panel data estimation method

    Hi, I am facing some problems with a panel dataset, and I hope somebody could help me. I have a pretty large data set (approx. 5000 firms, 15 years, annual data), and I want perform a panel regression with these data. One of the independent variables is time-varying, but not cross...
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    Panel Data Fixed Effects with year dummies

    Quick question. I'm working with an unbalanced international dataset. I'm using fixed effects because (at least mostly because) I want to allow for unobserved country specific effects. My question is regarding using dummies for each year in my equation. Much of the literature on my subject...