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    Neyman-Pearson Lemma

    I am having trouble on finding. K. Ex: given sample size n=1 for geometric didn't. Use NP to find critical region H0:x=x0. Ha :x1>x0 L0/L1=x0/x1((1-x0)/(1-x1))^y-1 <k Since x1>x0 monotone decreasing and L0/L1<1 Since this the geometric dist , it is based off geometric sequence so the function...
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    Looking for work

    I live in Montreal. I am willing to do long distance work.I offer my services data analysis. Services I perform are 1.Single factor studies (ANOVA) 2. Model fitting(Linear and Multiple) 3. Testing 4. Power Analysis 5. Multiple factor studies I charge by the study. Ask for a sample report. I...